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if i stay in bed i’ll be warm

if i get in the shower i’ll also be warm

but the distance between the bed and the shower


that is not warm

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history meme | ten+ women [1/?] — boudicca

"look around, and view your numbers. behold the proud display of warlike spirits, and consider the motives for which we draw the avenging sword. on this spot we must either conquer, or die with glory."

boudicca was the queen of the iceni, a tribe near modern-day east anglia, during the roman occupation of britain. originally an ally tribe, the iceni lived relatively independent of roman interference while their king, prasutagus, boudicca’s husband, lived. upon his death, prasutagus sought to both appease the roman emperor and preserve his family’s line by leaving half of his estate to rome and half to his daughters. rome refused to recognize this comprimise and took the iceni by force. according to the reports of tacitus, boudicca was flogged, her daughters raped, her tribal chiefs and nobles enslaved. 

boudicca then led her tribe in a successful attack against roman forces. while romans hurried to gather backup, boudicca’s numbers grew as she recruited members of other british tribes to join her cause. they burned the cities of camulodunum, londinium, and verulamium to the ground, leaving an estimated 80,000 roman casualties in their wake.

the battle of watling street (61 C.E.) became boudicca’s last stand; her army was defeated by roman forces led by governor suetonius. according to tacitus, upon defeat, boudicca committed suicide to avoid capture. though her rebellion was suppressed in the end, boudicca remains one of the most important and intriguing figures in british history almost two thousand years after her death.

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The perpetual babbit machine - play the web game here


The perpetual babbit machine - play the web game here

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seriously though take this personality quiz and tell me what you get. it’s important. 

i got a freaking cottontail i’m a freaking rabbit

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in britain we don’t say ‘i love you’, we say ‘i will never sabotage your baked alaska’ and i think that’s beautiful

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No one has ever survived a night in the maze…

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A sad episode for all.


A sad episode for all.

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Well, you split your soul, you see, and hide part of it in an object outside the body. Then, even if one’s body is attacked or destroyed, one cannot die, for part of the soul remains earthbound and undamaged. But, of course, existence in such a form…few would want it, Tom, very few. Death would be preferable.

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He was this pretty good skater, now he’s this pretty good actor.

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